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Our PayPal account is once again available for class registration. Sign up on line to secure a spot in your class time.

If you're new to training we can do the paperwork the day of the class. If you are renewing, you're all set.

When PayPal returns a receipt it will state BayState Archery Center.

Thank you for your interest in Archery and for using PayPal.

BayState Archery / ArcheryUSA Disclosure

ArcheryUSA Inc. closed it's doors in March of 2012. At that time it was thought that AUSA will reopen at another location within a few months. That did not occur and AUSA ended all legal responsibilities and obligations.

Delicious Bow and Arrows LLC was formed in late 2012 and became active about March 2013. DB&A decided to do business as (dba) the BayState Archery Center. DB&A has no legal affiliation or attachment to AUSA.

For the record - No portion of DB&A is owned by ArcheryUSA. DB&A LLC is a totally separate legal entity. It does not, and did not, assume any debt or responsibility or obligation(s) whatsoever, business or private, of or to any person or company or vendor of ArcheryUSA.

The use of this web site address is a temporary promotional tool of Delicious Bow and Arrows LLC / BayState Archery Center until the new web site ( is completed. As much as possible has been changed to remove references to ArcheryUSA, but some do remain. Hence, DB&A LLC has decided to make the aformentioned statements in an effort better clarify these issues.

Archery Training Class Information and Registration for September

Dear Friends,

BayState Archery is located at 55 Providence Highway, Norwood, MA at the ROJO Executive Park located behind the ROJO Service Center and Car Wash at the crossroads of Route One and University Ave. and Everett St.

North or South on 128 - take exit 15B and travel one mile south to the ROJO Service Center on the right (just past the Burger King). Make your way behind the service center to the executice park and building 55 in directly in front of you. OR, turn right onto Everett street (at the McDonalds) followed by a quick left (200 ft.) just past the Valvoline Oil store (look for the ROJO Office Park Sign). Park anywhere. We have plenty of parking available.

Our Late Spring Elite Archers JOAD and Adult Training Classes begin Friday September 5th from 5:30 to 7pm with a second class from 7 to 8:30pm and Saturday September 6th from 9am to 11am and a second class starting from 11am to 12:30pm.

So choose the one class that is best for your schedule. Tuition for the September 4-week session is only $90 for the first family member. Additional family members each receive a $10 discount. You can also receive a $10 one-time discount for sponsoring someone new into the class. We will even extend that discount to your friend!

In general, our training classes start the first weekend of every month. You can make a reservation for the September session by calling 781-352-0643or by email
Each class is limited to 20. Preference shall be given to returning class members.

ALSO, we are taking reservations for Birthday Parties and Groups.

The BayState Archery Center is owned and operated by Delicious Bow and Arrows LLC.

An Archers Carol by Anthony Bellettini

An Archers Carol
By Anthony Bellettini

T’was the night before Christmas and all about the range,
Not an archer was stirring – no flying feather or vane.
And I with my quiver stand patiently on line,
With hope that my “friend” will show up on time.

My tab is powdered and string newly waxed,
My shoulders at the ready, I’m set, where’s he at?

Then through the door he came smuggly aglow,
Sporting a new Win and Win bow -
“OK I’m here!” he said, - ”Now let’s get on with this show!”

He set his clicker, and V-Bars, and adjusted his sight,
To myself I thought - Let’s get on with this “fight”.

With confidence he stepped into his lane,
Glanced my way and said, “You’ll be sorry I came”.

So they’re we both were, his new bow against mine,
An old Bear Tamer Lane, that has seen better times.
One end takes all - that was the deal,
A long-standing challenge, today finally made real.

The first shots were his, won by a coin toss,
I didn’t care - I knew he already lost.
He drew and released those 2315’s
To do battle with mine, each one scored a nine.

I lifted my bow and loosed my first arrows,
And, just as I visualized them, each flew slowly and narrow.
You see I knew something my dear friend did not,
That into the ten, again, again - my wood shafts were hot!

With the score in my favor, the end result achieved,
I turned to my friend, smiled and said, “its all in how well you believe!”

“It’s the faith in yourself, knowing that you have already won,
that determines the ending even before the competition’s begun.

“I don’t get that”, he said, “I have all this cool stuff!”
“Perhaps, just perhaps, I didn’t buy enough?”

So I bid him farewell and he went on his way,
And I wish you all Great Shooting this year after Christmas Day!

copyright AJB 12/2004

The 2014 Winter Ball and Reunion scheduled for Saturday Dec. 20th.

Our First Annual Christmas /Winter "Masked" Ball at BayState Archery.

The 2014 Winter Ball is scheduled for Saturday December 20th from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. The theme for this year is "Ever After". If you haven't seen this wonderful family movie, be sure to check it out - especially the Masked Ball scene towards the end.

Masked Balls have been around for thousands of years, dating back to Egyptian times.

Our Christmas & Winter Ball is open to every student, customer, and members of all JOAD clubs, their familiy and guests.

Masks can be purchased from party stores or you can be creative and make your own, Also, be prepared to dance.

As is our long standing tradition, we ask you to donate an ornament to our family tree and to bring your favorite food dish to share.

So mark December 20th on your smartphone and ipad. RSVP in person at the store or by email at Be sure to check back to this site for party updates.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, as we will "see you" at the Ball.

Closed on Mother's Day

Archery USA will be closed on Sunday May 8th for Mother's Day.
The store and range will re-open on Tuesday May 10th at our regular time.

Cartoons Galore

The following is a listing of my favorite cartoons of all time!

See if you find yours among these classics...

The Jetsons
Speed Racer
Magilla Gorilla
Yogi Bear (and boo-boo too)
The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show
Boris and Natasha
The Flintstones
Dudley Doright
Huckleberry Hound
Tweety Bird
Johnny Quest
Speedy Gonzales
Pepe La'Pew
Road Runner & Wiley Coyote
Touche' Turtle
Wally Gator
Tom & Jerry
Dasterly and Muttly
The Tazmanian Devil
Foghorn Leghorn
Marvin Martian
The Porkey Pig Show
Atom Ant
Mighty Mouse
Quick Draw McGraw
The Cat in the Hat
Dick Tracy
The Bugs Bunny Show
Tom Cat
Yosemite Sam
The Justice League

Please feel free to email me with other suggestions.


In-Store Representative

This position is available at our Dedham Training Center. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older (a mature male or female high school Senior may apply), able to work of store hours of 3 to 9pm weekdays and/or 1 to 6pm on weekends, hold a valid Massachusetts drivers license, a non-smoker, and be able to successfully pass a (CORI) Criminal Offender Record Information check.

This person will be required to perform all aspects of store operations from (but not limited to) answering telephones, booking and/or running birthday parties, retail sales of archery products, repair or service archery equipment, as well as making custom strings & arrows.

Experience as an archer is preferred but may not be necessary for the right individual as on site training is available.

Call us at 781-320-3606 to arrange an interview.

Wednesday and NOW Thursdays are Cheap Date Nights at BayState Archery

Don't know what to do mid-week?

Tired of always doing your laundry on Wednesday or watching reruns of Gilligans Island on Thursdays?

We have the answer to the mid-week blues....ARCHERY!

So grab (gently) your favorite person and come down to CHEAP DATE NIGHT at BayState Archery starting at 5pm.

This is how it works...

You pay our regular range fee w/equipment, for 90 minutes of shooting ($25), and your date gets in for only ... FIVE BUCKS!
Hence... he, she, (whatever) is a Cheap Date! ... WHAT A DEAL!!!

-- Remember, we close at 9pm - although we have been known to stay open a bit later for cheap daters. (8pm starting in the fall) so plan your date accordingly.

-- Sorry, only one date per person.


Celebrate Sunday with"Family Day!" Discounts

In order to promote archery as a family sport, two or more members of the same family can shoot at a discounted rate of only $12.50 per hour per person, including equipment (a savings of up to 35%!) for the first hour and then only $5.00 per person for each half-hour thereafter. Sorry, NO initial half hour rates.

Be sure to ask for our new "Family Day " punchcard for extra savings!
Receive One FREE Visit (for up to 3 family members) for every five Family Day visits.

Family Day can be quite busy, so we thank you in advance for your patience.

The 2014 Coach's Choice Award Program

The 2014 Coach's Choice Award is TBD.

About the Coach's Choice Award

Each year since 1997 I have recognized the athlete or athletes in our JOAD program "Elite Archers", that have demonstrated "An outstanding dedication to the sport of archery", with the Coach's Choice award. Again this year, the award will be open to members of our Senior program as well.

Those who have received the Coach's Choice Award to date are:

1997 - Glen Watkins & David Samet
1998 - Jay Cross & Ethan Taven
1999 - Erin Munchbach & Sandi "Alex" Chase
2000 - Mike Lucibella & Moira Brace
2001 - Dan Gibson & Becky McDougal
2002 - Emma Gillespie & Jennifer Riley
2003 - Dan Yank Lok & Sarah Watsky
2004 - Maggie Clemens & Stephanie Small
2005 - Ivy Dodge
2006 - Alexandar Truebenbach & Maria Muller
2007 - Cameron Klavsen & Alexandre "Lexi" Elliott
2008 - Denali Bennett & Toby Morrish
2009 - Felicia Carlson
2010 - Carina and Ashley Fuller
2011 - Emma Canon and Christophe Hiltbrant-McIntosh
2012 - No arard presented
2013 - None Awarded
2014 - TBD

To date, 10 gentlemen and 18 ladies have been so honored.

Every Coaches Choice receive a special trophy (A really big one!), their name is entered on our progressive trophy located in the middle of the range for all to see, an extra discount on private lessons, a free six month JOAD membership easily worth $500.00 and unlimited practice time till the end of June 2015, worth a lot more.

As is our tradition, the award for this year will be presented at our Winter Ball and Reunion on Saturday December 14th. at the new Norwood Training Center.

Check out our Video Delayed Training System (TM) VDTS

Video Delayed Training System (TM) or VDTS

Archery USA, in conjunction with a British electronics development company has developed the final component needed to install a video-delay training system - and the system is now operational!.

VDT means that you can video yourself while shooting and view each shot in real time; but delayed a few seconds, on a monitor located directly in front of you. A multi-camera component function has just been added so you can review your shot sequence from any side angles plus a rear and overhead.

This means that during practice, an athlete can better evaluate their own progress from shot to shot and effect immediate corrections. Similar systems are in use at national training centers in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and have proven to be an invaluable asset in coaching.

Our standard public rate for experienced archers will be $35 per hour per individual, including range fees and initial setup by our trained personnel.


As a special offer you can purchase bulk VDTS time at:

10 hours of use for $250.00 (a $100 savings)
15 hours of use for $325.00 (a $200 savings)
20 hours of use for $450.00 (a $350 savings)

Purchasing in bulk is an excellant option for multiple family members or college or visiting archery teams under the direction of the cardholder or team coach..

Use of the system shall be by reservation only with a 2hr. max per visit (unless other arrangements are made).

The VDTS cannot be reserved during class times or when the store is closed. Special exceptions may be made for visiting teams.

Call us at 781-320-3606 to reserve your time.

Archery Champion or just another team player?

Now that Summer is almost behind us, I'm sure many kids will be participating in sports such as, hockey, soccer, baseball, and lecrosse.

It never ceases to amaze me how the coaches of these sports start their recruting in early summer with constant phone messages and emails to families to be certain they have that one more player starting that opening day.

This year once again, some coaches have increased the ante. hockey, Lecrosse, baseball and soccer are BIG Business, and someone has to pay for all those fields and court time. Parents are held in place with threats of their child being dumped from the team if a practice or two is missed.

I've spoken recently with many parents that tell me their son or daughter will have to cut back on archery (or drop archery till fall) because their baseball, soccer or lecrosse coach now has their child practicing two to three hours a day, three to four times a week which essentially locks them out of any other activity and into theirs. Not only are they exhusted when they get home, but they hardly have any time for schoolwork.

My heart saddens because I see such progress in my students cut short because of the high demands of other sports and the parents that give in to them. And then, or if, they return after the season, it's just like starting all over.

I have been coaching archery professionally for almost 23 years. That said, I can assure you that it doesn't take anywhere near that time to know that if an archer practices even 4-6 hours a week- that archer will be a National Champion within a year or two, if they want to take it that far!

Archery is one of only a few sports in which you can accomplish that; and that is what is so amazing about this sport. It's repetitive improvement! It's success, both physically and mentally, that you can be proud of because you accomplished it yourself. You didn't have to rely upon how good another player was, or how much the other team sucked less that day. in order to win.

Many kids are exposed to Archery during summer camps and want to continue in the sport but don't know what to do or where to find archery because they think it's just an outdoor summer sport.

Actually, Archery is a year round sport. Our state archery association and those of our ajoining states all have outdoor and indoor tournaments. If one wanted to, you can go to a tournament every other weekend somewhere closeby.

Indoor events are sponsored by a handful of archery shops or specialized training centers like ours offering Jr, Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) or Junior Elite Training (JET)-TM programs. Our club name is "Elite Archers".

Outdoor events are fun! With all the family and team tents, flags, it looks like a modern medieval game.

It's been my goal for a long time, to promote our sport until it becomes as recognized as soccer. So I'm urging everyone not to abandon archery for other sports, perhaps increase your practice time, and keep up with improving your skills!

Thank You,



BayState Archery Annnounces HPT (High Performance Training)


The new BayState Archery Training Center, will shortly be offering (watch for the announcement) a program designed for those archers that desire to train and continue to perform at a highly competitive level.

The HPT program works on the entire archer - Body, Mind and Soul, and incorporates proven biomechancial principles.

HPT is a 90 day intensive training program that includes unlimited use of the the range for practice, mental imagery training, stress conditioning, plenty of coaching, shooting and performance monitoring with Anthony. .

Each athlete will start by being asked to shoot 150 arrows every other day and you will end the program shooting 300+ arrows per day.

Every participant should be prepared to eventually budget 3 to 4 hours each day to work this program.

Caution - This program is not for the "light of heart" or the uncommitted athlete. You will be required to do something toward your training each and every day. A release and waver is required to start the program as well as a doctors note for athletes under the age of 18.

Program fee is $1,200 payable half at the start of the program and the balance in 30 days. No refunds once we begin. Athletes that desire more individual coachiing or strength training may add to their program at an extra fee. Each archer MUST have their own equipment that meets our professional standards for training, or you will be asked to add to or upgrade your equipment prior to starting.

Team Elite members that complete the training may wear the HPT designation on their team apparel.

Program minimum age: 15
Program minimum participants: 2
Program maximum participants: 10

Standard Party Range Rules & Procedures

Our certified instructors and coaches begin each party by reviewing standard range rules and procedures.

The following is an overview of those rules. There may be others not stated here. As safety is not limited to just these rules and procedures - common sense also applies.

As a party organizer, you might want to share these with your group before attending - just as a heads up. It never hurts to reinforce safety.

At BayState Archery, it's always "Safety First"!

- The most important rule is that archers never point an arrow at anyone at anytime, even if's not on the bow.

- Archers keep all arrows points down inside their issued side quiver until they are called to the shooting line by the instructor AND the command word is given to start shooting.

- Archers place one foot on each side of the yellow shooting line facing the correct direction as determined by their dominate eye (not handedness).

- When shooting, arrows are always pointed down range at the targets (never at the ceiling, center post, wall, side windows, lights or sprinkler).

- Should an arrow fall to the ground when loading the bow, the archer may reach for it provided it does not fall forward into another archers lane when that archer is shooting, AND it can be reached without crossing over the yellow shooting line.

- After shooting, each archer steps back from the yellow shooting line, returns their bow to the bow rack, and remains at least five feet back of the shooting line until all archers have shot their arrows, returned their bows to the rack , AND the command words are given to retrieve arrows.

- Archers always walk at a "normal pace" when retreiving arrows. Running is not permitted on the range or anywhere else in the store.

- Upon retreiving arrows, archers always pick their arrows off the ground first and immediately return them to their quiver (points down), and then proceed to the target wall to collect any arrows that have been shot there.

- When at the target wall, archers always check behind themselves when pulling arrows, just to be sure that no one is standing closeby. Arrows are always pulled one-at-a-time, and immediately returned to the quiver (points down).

- Either on or off the shooting line, an archer never pulls the string of a bow back without an arrow - NEVER. This prevents a potentially dangerous situation called a dry fire.

ALL shooting at BayState Arhery is controlled by either Voice Commands and/or whistle blasts.

The four basic commands are:

#1 - ON LINE (two whistle blasts)

This command is given to call all the archers to stand correctly in their assigned shooting lane with their equipment. At this point all arrows remain points down inside their quiver.

#2 - BEGIN (one whistle blast)

This is the signal to begin shooting at their assigned target.

#3 - CLEAR TO RETRIEVE (three whistle blasts)

Signals that shooting everywhere on the range has been completed, equipment has been returned to the bow rack, and it is now safe to walk and proceed to the target wall.

#4 - HOLD AND LET DOWN (four or more whistle blasts)

This is an emergency STOP SHOOTING command used only in the event of an emergency. The instructor will fully explain what constitutes an emergency and how to take the pressure off the bow safely without releasing the string.

Important Note To Parents:

All shooting sports come with an acknowledgement of assumed risk on the part of the participant, including the organizer on behalf of young participants. That stated, in the interest of everyone's safety - should the instructor have to use this command twice within a party, the party will be immediately cancelled. On average, BayState Archery will host 150 parties each year. Our cancellation rate is about 2% per year. Our average safety rate at our prior training facility for the past 15 years is 100%. We ask all parents and party organizers to help us maintain our good record.

Party Outline

- Opening greeting
- Instructor intro
- Safety lecture
- Eye dominance test
- Issue equipment
- Shooting demo
- Arrow pulling demo
- Robin Hood Club
- Lane assignmants
- Initial one-on-one coaching
- Group coaching / shooting
- Last 3 ends - Shooting at balloons for prizes!
-"Here he comes to save the day!"
- Equipment Return
- Presentation of special party gift (birthday parties only)

All 10's

I'm always asked - "have you ever given a movie a 10?" or "what was the last movie you gave a 10 to and when?"

So here is a list of movies I feel deserve my highest rating. As I remember more I will post accordingly.

Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen
Iron Man
The Chronicles of Narina
Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring & The Return of the King)
Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon
Once Upon A Time In America
The Fifth Element
Passion of the Christ
Gone With The Wind
From Here To Eternity
The Notebook
The Forbidden Planet
The Sand Pebbles
Bridge Over the River Kwai
The Crimson Pirate
Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope
Ben Hur
The Adventures of Indiana Jones
Ghost Busters
The Godfather
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Von Ryan's Express
The Sound of Music
The Day the Earth Stood Still
2001 A Space Odyssey
A Walk in the Sun
Ever After
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The Wizard of Oz
The Ten Commandments

Made for TV or mini series (past and present) that are Ten's

Prime Suspect - BBC
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.



Over the years we have accumulated dozens of bows, arrows, and other archery equipment that was left for repair and never picked up by their owners. Much of the equipment has been left as long as three years. Some equipment has been here for over seven years.



The owners of this equipment will have until close of business on MAY 11, 2010 to remove their equipment or we will consider this equipment abandoned, remove it from storage, and dispose of it properly.

Just to be clear - if you do not claim and remove your equipment within this timeperiod, your bow, arrows, case, and any other equipment you abandoned will be destroyed and discarded on May 12, 2010.

Positive Proof of ownership will be required when claiming your equipment.


All consignment agreements are hereby cancelled. Any person having equipment on consignment is requested to remove their equipment from our store ASAP.

Privacy Policy

We receive and store information you enter on our Web site during the purchase process, or that you give us through your email to us. We use the information that you provide for responding to your requests for information, fullfilling your product purchase, and communicating with you. We will not sell or provide your information to any other company or use your information for any other purpose.

We utilize PayPal's shopping cart system to collect and process credit information related to your purchase. We do not save any credit card information after your purchase has been completed. For information about PayPal's privacy policy go to: PayPal Privacy Policy for more information.

Thank you for your business.

Family (4-archers)

A family of four can participate in coached monthly classes (meets 4 times starting December 5th and 6th for 90 minutes per session) for a fee of only $330.00. (YOU SAVED $30)

Select Location & Time

When you've completed your purchase select the link "View Printable Receipt" and print out a copy of your receipt. A confirming email will be sent to the email address that you entered during the purchase process. Bring one of these receipts with you on the first day of class.

Thank you.

Family (3-archers)

A family of three can participate in coached monthly classes (meets 4 times starting December 5th and 6th for a 90 minute session) for a fee of only $250.00. (YOU SAVED $20).

Select Location & Time

When you've completed your purchase select the link "View Printable Receipt" and print out a copy of your receipt. A confirming email will be sent to the email address that you entered during the purchase process. Bring one of these receipts with you on the first day of class.

Thank you.

Family (2-archers)

A family of two can participate in coached monthly classes (meets 4 times starting December 5th and 6th for 90 minutes per session) for a fee of only $170.00. (YOU SAVED $10).

Select Location & Time

When you've completed your purchase select the link "View Printable Receipt" and print out a copy of your recipt. A confirming email will be sent to the email address that you entered during the purchase process. Bring one of these receipts with you on the first day of class.

Thank you.

Individual (1-archer)

Purchase a month of coached monthly classes meets 4 times starting Friday and Saturday December 5th and 6th for 90 minutes per session for a fee of only $90.00.

Select Location & Time

When you've completed your purchase select the link "View Printable Receipt" and print out a copy of your receipt. A confirming email will be sent to the email address that you entered during the purchase process. Bring one of these receipts with you on the first day of class.

Thank you.

December 2014 Training Class Registration Info


Class Schedule for Fall and Winter 2014 At Our new BayState Archery Center in Norwood

FRIDAY - 5:30 to 7pm and 7 to 8:30pm

STARTING December 5th 2014 for 4 weeks.


SATURDAY - 9 to 10:30am and 11am to 12:30pm

STARTING December 6th. 2014 for 4 weeks.


Class Tuition is only $90per person for this session (90 min. per class). discounts apply to additional family members.

We prefer tuition be paid by cash, check or PayPal to help keep our costs low, but do accept most major credit cards.

Remember, discounts are available when signing up with a friend new to the program. Please handle discounts when in person at our front desk the first day of class.



For Fall classes - Select a category from the links on the right that fit your situation. The registration process includes payment for the class. You can use any major credit card to complete your registration. The online payment system we use is hooked into PayPal's secure online shopping system.

Examples: Individual archers should choose the first option "Individual (1-archer). Family rates are intended for members of the same family unit, not friends or relatives.

Also, when prompted, please make a note in the Buyer Information section, the name of the person(s) attending. This will assist us with pre-registration.

Your purchase will be confirmed by email. You will be asked to show the receipt from this purchase so please print the receipt from the shopping cart and bring it with you to class.


Current Store Policies

/// All Consignment Sales, Bow and/or Arrow Sales are FINAL.

/// All Special Order Bow / Accessory orders REQUIRE at least a 50% down payment which CANNOT be refunded or canceled.

/// All custom Arrow and String orders must be paid in full at the time the order is placed - NO EXCEPTIONS. Completed Arrow and String orders not picked up by the customer within 6 months shall be considered abandoned and resold without customer recourse.

/// In stock accessory purchases can be returned for a full refund within 3 days provided they have not been used, are in the original package & accompanied by the sale receipt.

/// Returned items purchased by credit card shall be issued a card credit ONLY.

/// Gift Certificates over $10 CANNOT be redeemed for cash.

/// Checks returned due to INSF shall incur a $25 return check processing charge.

/// Outside Personal Coaches indirectly engage solitation and are therefore not permitted to coach their students in our facilities unless special arragements for after hours rental have been made.
“Parent Coaches” and Staff Coaches ONLY are permitted.

/// Personal archery equipment (bows, arrows, cases, etc) not claimed and removed from our store for a period of 9 months shall be considered abandoned, and in the interest of safety, all such items will be destroyed and discarded without owner recourse.

Employment - Recreation Program position available

ArcheryUSA needs people to fill the following positions:

Outreach Program Instructor

ArcheryUSA services over 15 townships through their recreation department after school and early evening program, and is in the process of doubling (or more) the number of towns we service.

Two positions are open at this time. This person must be over 18 (over 21 preferred), hold a valid Massachusetts Drivers License, a non-smoker, have experience working with children at some level, and be able to successfully pass a (CORI) Criminal Offender Record Information check. An NAA Level 1 Instructor Certification is required (NAA 2 Instructor Certification is preferred); but may not be immediately neccessary at application for the right person.

The work entails traveling to a different town(s) each day and run an on-site archery training / JOAD program for classes of up to 20 kids and/or adults.
Applicants must be available from 2pm on each weekday.

In-Store Representative

This position is available at our Dedham location. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, able to work of store hours of 3 to 9pm weekdays and/or 1 to 6pm on weekends, hold a valid Massachusetts drivers license, a non-smoker, and be able to successfully pass a (CORI) Criminal Offender Record Information check.

This person will be required to perform all aspects of store operations from (but limited to) answering telephones, booking and/or running birthday parties, retail sales of archery products, repair or service archery equipment,
as well as making custom strings arrows. Experience is preferred but may not be necessary for the right individual, as on site training is available.

Birthday Party Instructor

This position is specifically for those whose sole responsibility is to run successful birthday parties. Compensation is on a per party basis only.
Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and hold a valid NAA Level 1 Instructor Certification. A Massachusetts Drivers License is preferred but may not necessary with parential assistance. Successful applicants must also be able to pass a (CORI) Criminal Offender Record Information check.

If Interested - Please email your resume to or mail to ArcheryUSA, 606 Providence Highway, Dedham, MA 02026. Questions can be directed to Anthony at 781-320-3606.

Immediate opening for JOAD instructor

ArcheryUSA has an immediate opening for a certified NAA Level 2 (or higher) instructor for both current and additional classes at our Dedham Training Center. Pay is $20 per hour ($30 per class). Interested instructors should contact Anthony at 781-320-3606.

BayState Archery's Goal to pass ArcheryUSA's record of 400,000.

My prior training center, ArcheryUSA in Dedham, is estimated to have brought the sport of archery to, and touched the lives of over 400 thousand young men and women, adults and families here in the commonwealth during the 18 years it was open.

In addition to the in-house training programs for both youth and adults, ArcheryUSA reached kids in over 15 communities through mobile outreach programs offered yearlong through town recreation departments (featured nationally in Archery Focus magazine). My Sunday Family Day program usually had a waiting list to shoot, and the birthday party program attracted over 25 parties a month with an average of 13 young archers each. Both programs are now used by other archery ranges.

All-in-all, very impressive for a business I was told by many early on was destined to failure for reaching out and foucsing its business strategy on Target, Olympic and 3D Archery in order to attact kids, women, and families to the sport instead of catering exclusively to bowhunting as every other range in this state (and nation) does.

We still serviced the bowhunter's needs with compound bows, equipment and supplies; but my marketing focus was on the millions of potential athletes that a typical archery store ignores in favor of the many thousands of registered bowhunters in this state.

I believed , and still do, there's more to archery than bowhunting. Unfortunately, the only exposure or opportunity children usually get to do archery, is through summer camps. I was determined to change that by making this Olympic sport a part of everyday lives.

Imagine the positive impact on this wonderful sport, if all the other archery pro-shops, ranges, schools and townships believe as I do. If they did, archery has the potential to become larger than soccer almost ovenight.

I hope you share my vision. Only with your help, will BayState Archery exceed the prior record of 400k set by ArcheryUSA.

As I am fond of saying, "No matter what age you are, there is a little Robin Hood in all of us".

Anthony Bellettini

Looking for Advanced Classes ?

The start date of the first advanced training program of BayState Archery is currently TBD

In general, each session is limited to 10 students with a minimum of 7. Existing students have the first right to register for the next session. We are currently taking names for this next session.

The format of these classes may consist of peer coaching/training, mental & strength conditioning, video coaching, tournament prep, goal setting, bow tuning, string and arrow making, elements of the Level 1&2 instructors course, and plenty of hands on.

Students must have their own equipment and at least one year's experience in the sport, or be ranked Archer or above in any JOAD or Adult training program. Both Olympic Recurve and Compound archers are welcome. Archers from other JOAD programs are always welcome to join.

Tuition is $180 per person for this six week session. Must register by Thursday June 10th.

Athletes can register at our front desk or over the phone by calling 781-352-0643.

2014 TopBow Class

TopBow is a weeklong intensive training program that covers everything from bow tuning to shop work to mental training, form, video coaching and a whole lot more.

Based upon your performance in class, homework and project assignments, you could be this year's - Top Bow!

Must be over 12 years of age and have archery experience to be accepted.
Classes start at 9am and end at 2pm (25hrs. total). Class is limited to 10 (6min) students. Course fee is $250.00 (lunch not included)

The 2014 start date is August 25-29.

To inquire further - Call Anthony at 781-352-0643


UPDATE 11/03/07

We have run into challenges with our legal department on adding some of the new concepts. I have therefor cancelled our relationship and moved to a new firm that has greater vision. This will set us back some; but I think it's important to get everything correct right from the start.

UPDATE 8/15/07

So far we have received responses from almost 30 archers, totaling almost 100 very good suggestions. After reviewing all of them, and combining the ones we can, we found 16 actionable concepts. Many were very detailed and exceptionally creative. We think at least three will make it as part of our initial opening. Others, because of their nature, will be brought on at a later date. Keep those suggestions coming... we are listening!

UPDATE 5/01/07

Our trademark has been reserved and the legal paperwork is almost ready to be filed. Many thanks to our design team members for their outstanding effort to get this project underway.

At this time we would like to start taking names and general information on those individuals and organizations who would like to organize as an affiliate state or district organization.

Also, please send us any suggestion you may have. A good idea is to consider what other organization are not or have not provided, then clarify the comcept, tell us how you would solve the issue, and send it to us. I assure you we will give your ideas proper consideration.

If you are interested in organizing a chapter within your state, please contact us at



Fellow Archers

Myself and many other avid archers and organizers have grown dismayed over the years over the inability, or unwillingness, of major archery organizations (manufacturers included) like the NAA, NFAA, and others, to take agressive action towards promoting target archery as a national sport.

Even the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), the most recent of these organizations, still has as it's core goal, the eventual enhancement of bowhunting.

This becomes apparent very quickly when one considers the hundreds of thousands of dollars already donated (millions promised) by hunting equipment manufacturers and by being organized through Fishing & Wildlife Departments across the country.

The American Archery Union (TM) is truly a breath of fresh air for Target Archery.

Finally, a new and exciting national organization that promotes target archery as a National Sport!

As of this date, the organizational paperwork is being designed to estabalish the American Archery Union (TM) as both a Non-Profit organization and IRS 501c3 approved.

The American Archery Union (TM) is a separate entity, and is not, in any way, owned by ArcheryUSA. Archery USA has graciously donated space on it's site to help kick-start the organization

So far, we have raised over $2,500 through donations and other fundraising efforts towards our initial goal of $3,500. Contributions are accepted at the ArcheryUSA Dedham training center.

If you have any ideas, or wishes, about what this new organization should incorporate or accomplish, I want to hear them.

If you would be willing to contribute your knowledge to any of our project design teams, please let me know.

Until the American Archery Union (TM) web site and address is operational, you can forward comments to the ArcheryUSA address at Please state that it's for the AA Union Team Project or it may end up in bulk mail.



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The Popp-ED Korn Gallery

Some movies should never be forgotten. In this section I will be reviewing movies that have been released for at least five years or longer. Most of these movies are in my DVD/VHS collection. The same rating system applies to these as well.

Altered States-8 points - Released in 1980 staring William Hurt as a college professor looking into different planes of consciousness, finds his own primal self.

REMO WILLIAMS The Adventure Begins-9points - Released 1985 staring Fred Ward, Joel Grey, Kate Milgrew and Wilford Brimley. Recruited be a top-secret organization to be an assassian, Remo (named after a bedpan) learns to dodge bullets, brave heights and bring a women ultimate pleasure with the touch of a finger (you have to watch the movie to find out).

The Sand Pebbles- 10 points - Released in 1966 staring Steve McQueen as a sailor on the navy vessel USS San Pablo docked at a port in China at a time when China rouses itself to the cries of its people. This is one of Steve's finest movies and an enduring drama.

Knights of the Round Table- 8 points - Released 1953 staring Robert Taylor as Sir Lancelot and Ava Gardner as Queen Guinevere, this movie captures all the splendor of history's most vibrant and beloved legend.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai - Across the Eighth Dimension- 9.5 points - Released 1984 staring Peter Weller as Buckaroo and co-stars John Lithgow, Ellen Barker, Christopher Lloyd, and Jeff Goldblum. Wow, what a cast! How did you ever miss this one? Dr. Banzai (Peter Weller), brain surgeon and rock star with his own comic book, has just traveled through a mountain and opened a doorway to the 8th dimension allowing the ailens that were trapped here after the Orsen Wells War-of-the-worlds broadcast to go home... or to gather an army for world conquest. Definately a cult film, and one of the best. A must see!

Coaching Questions & More

Dear Anthony,
My daughter has been shooting for about three years, and has just decided to take this tournament thing seriously. What kind of mental attitude should she be working on for competitions while she works on her shooting.
Anaheim, CA

Dear Brad,

It's been said that once you have your shooting form down, the real work starts - getting your mental game on track. I believe that the only limitation that exists is the one we place upon ourselves through our doubts and fears -even the fear of winning.

One of the things I tell my students is that your mind is like an old fashioned scale. On one side, weighing the scale down, you have all your doubts and fears. You have to place enough good thoughts on the other side in order to tip that scale in your favor.

You start by first deciding what it is you truly WANT. Hint- always go for the end goal, and don't care about the steps in between; they will take care of themselves. Write it down, and be clear. Then, and this is most important, write down WHY you deserve to have it. It's OK to be selfish! Take note of your feelings. You know you're on the right track when you start to feel a positive excitment each time you re-read your statement each day. Keep that positive FEELING throughout the day, every day. As the scale begins to tip - slowly at first, then faster, you will find that more and more positive circumstances will be drawn to you. Accept and ALLOW these good feelings to become a part of your life. Soon, your daughter will be entering competitions KNOWING she has already won.

A little esoteric perhaps - but it works!

Mr Bellettini,
I have a 17 year old son who has been involved in archery for about five years now. He is a member of our local JOAD and has attained his Olympian rank with recurve three years ago. Since then he has not progressed at all. We have tried several different coaches, both in state and out of state, and nothing seems to be working. As a matter of fact, his scores have gotten worse - if you can believe that! What advise can you give to get my son back on track? Can you recommend a really good coach we can try? I know he loves the sport and I would like him to stay in it.

Washington State

Dear Peter,
This is a two part answer, but first - "Welcome to the club". You're not alone in your concern. The fallout rate between Olympian and higher ranks is extremely high. Speaking from experience gained from my club, that rate is about 90%. The reason, I believe, is that it takes such a huge amount of coaching, training and practicing to hit this lofty goal, that the archer is relieved once it's attained. With this huge effort accomplished, the archer feels the pressure is finally off, they pause to catch their breath, and his or her scores drop backward somewhat. It's like stopping at your anchor instead of continuing to pull through the shot. If you do that, it takes more effort to re-start your muscles in order to pull through. The same thing may occur at any rank, but it seems to happen most at Olympian.

If however, and this is the second part of my answer, you take this happenstance to reflect poorly on his current coach, I think perhaps you might be misjudging that coach. After all, he has been with your son for three years and has coached him to Olympian in the first place. He had to have done something right! All coach/athlete relationships are based largly upon trust. They have to be by their own nature. When you distrupt that relationship and break that trust at a point when the coach needs your support the most to get your son re-focused, that may sometimes do more harm than help.

On the other side of the coin, a good coach, having their students best interest at heart, many times agree with a parents decision to step back and let another coach take over in an effort to correct the problem. You said you had several coaches in the last couple of years. Every time I see this happen, more often than not, it sets in motion a nagative downward sprial effect.

Let me explain and be blunt... Most coaches play GOD to a certain extent. They believe the best way to correct a problem is to re-shape an athlete into their image of what an athlete should be and do, instead of taking the talent that already exists and building upon that talent. Many start them all over from square one - rebuilding their form, different equipment, weight, anchor, release... everything. They often use the current buzz words like back tension/ motion while subtly trashing the efforts of the prior coach in an effort to estabalish their own worth. They also, directly or indirectly, lead you to believe that if you listen to them without question, your son or daughter would be "healed".

After a while (sometimes years), when the anticipated results don't come, you try another coach, then another, and another. Each coach having their own opinion, and every coach playing God. I have seen kids ranked Gold Olympian drop their scores into the basement or even leave the sport because of this very thing.

By the way, coaching is not only a very personal, but also a hands-on thing. Paying someone out-of-state who claims to be able to coach your son to greatness by viewing videos or seeing him once or twice a year just costs you lots of money and yields minor improvement. Unfourtanly, "long distance coaching" has become popular over the years. In truth, I have never met an archer that is successful doing this, that doesn't also practice their heart out on their own (5 or 6x a week) or already have in place a really great "local" support system.

What these coaches do provide is probably what that first coach provided- a likable person, a voice of encouragement, someone who will take the time (your paying for both) to listen to their concerns and, of course, you can't disgard that excitment that comes with "traveling to their coach". Sometimes they help - about 1 in 100 are indeed successful. Of course, those are the archers you always hear or read about. However, for the others - the ones you never hear about- they only maintain at best or decide to leave the sport. After all, feeling hopeless, and after spending all that money, wouldn't you give up?

My suggestion at this point is very simple. If you haven't burned any bridges, try to re-establish and reinforce that relationship with his first coach. The coach that has brought your son his most success, and who has been a good part of his archery life. Give him your suppot and faith, encourage open communication, and stay focused.

You must also realize, that your son may never make Jr. or Sr. USAT, or qualify for the Olympic Games. Both of you might just have to settle for sharing something very special.

Thank for asking,
Anthony Bellettini

Coaching Corner

I have been an NAA Coach for almost 15 years. I received my Level 3 coaching certificate from the NAA when they were conducting training at Arizona State University in Tempe AZ. My professors, Dr.'s Hans van der Mars, Phil Martin, Dan and Donna Landers, were joined by Sheri Rhodes, Dick and Diane Tone, Jay Barrs and Nancy Myrick to make Level 3 an unforgettable experience for all of us attending. To this day I am still in contact with the overseas coaches from Italy, Greece, and New Zealand. They gave the program an international flair. I still recall sitting in the hotel lobby area with the other hopeful coaches and studying for our professors' final exams the next day. Taking Level 3 was very difficult then. Unlike today's certification program, to be awarded Level 3, you had to pass a final exam prepared by each professor in every subject. Should you fail even one, you were out!

The Level 4 National Coach Course was very similar to the Level 3 course four years earlier. Many of the same professors were present at the OTC in Colorado Springs. Unlike today's admittance standards, level 4 required you to be active in coaching before your application to attend was approved. Also, your National Coach project was chosen for you by Nancy Myrick and given to you shortly after you arrived. Your project was to be researched, written, and ready for presentation to your professors and peers on the day before your final exams (yes, you still had a final exam).

I was given the task of developing an outline for Coach's Ethics and Conduct - something we desperately need today. At this time I was introduced to a visiting foreign Olympic Coach who was in the process of developing and marketing a remarkable recurve bow line called Win & Win.

Two years ago, as fate would have it, I was honored that W&W founder, Mr. Kyung Rae Park, chose ArcheryUSA to host the first W&W Advanced Coach Certification Seminar in the U.S. His course was designed for NAA Level 3 and 4 instructors to teach the Korean Method of coaching archery.

To be honest, my pet-peeve, and the reason for this page, is that whenever I speak with newly certified coaches, I get the impression that many of them have been taught the principles of coaching (book smart) but do not know how to actually coach an athlete. Not to mention, almost none know how to develop a training plan, or how to interact on a personal level with their athletes. This, my friends, is a sad state of affairs for archers and coaches alike.

I am constantly asked for my opinion on coaching issues. Those who know me well, know that I do not care about "political correctness" and I am indeed opinionated on some issues,... I will always be frank but don’t hold back... ask away!

E-Mail me any question on any aspect of coaching and I'll try to help.

At my discretion, I may post your question with my reply on the AUSA site or refrain from posting either but I will still reply to your question. However, please inform me if you do not wish to have your question posted for general reading or simply wish to remain anonymous.

My Email address is Include your name, address and contact information in the body of your email. Also, please indicate “Coach Question” in the subject box, or it may be deleted as spam.

Thank YOU!
Anthony Bellettini

Application Form

Results for 2011 Event:
>>RESULTS for 2011<<(pdf format).

The Popcorn Gallery

As most of you know - I'm a real huge movie fan!

I have been reviewing the latest and greatest (sometimes not so greatest) movies for our JOAD classes each week ever since we started the Elite Archers JOAD program 15 years ago. I have reviewed perhaps over a thousand movies since I started.

By your generous gift of movie passes I get to see between 80 and 100 movies a year, and give you my "colorful" impressions at class. So please continue to remember me on the holidays and my birthday-September 23rd. (which is also National Archery Day).

Recently, someone suggested I put these reviews on this site, so just in case someone missed class at least they won't miss the review - "This makes perfectly good sense to me". I will also include recently viewed DVD's that I missed when the movie was at the theather.

The rating system I use is scored 1-10, with 10 being the best. Sometimes I rate a movie with a one point or more BF - for "babe factor" (also indicated by a *); but I'll let you know when I do that. 10's are very rare, and I reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade a review upon a second viewing.


The Thing / 2011 - 8 points
Rise of the Planet of the Apes - 8.5 points
Cowboys and Aliens - 8 points
Thor - 7.5 points
Captain America - 8.5 points
Transformers / Dark of the Moon - 7 points
Green Lantern - 7.5 points
Super 8 - 4.5 points
X-Men First Class - 8 points
Pirates of the Caribbean Stranger Tides - 8 points
Priest - 7 points
Water for Elephants - 8 points
Battle Los Angeles - 7 points
Red - 8 points
I am Number Four - 6 points
The Rite - 7.5 points
The Mechanic - 7.5 points
Season of the Witch - 8 points


Unstopable - 7 points
Resident Evil / Afterlife - 6.5 points
The Last Exorcism - 5.5 points
Predators - 5 points
Last Airbender - 6.5 points
Daybreakers - 6 points
The Book of Eli - 5 points*
Legion - 6 points
Edge of Darkness - 3 points
The Wolfman - 6 points
Iron Man 2 - 8 points
Robin Hood - 4 points
The A-Team - 8.5 points
Predators - 3 points
Salt - 7 points*
The Dispendables - 7.5 points
Inception - 4 points (It put me to sleep)


Taken - 7.5 points
Surrogates - 8 points
Terminator Salvation - 7 points
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen - 10 points
Underworld 3 - Rise of the Lycans - 9 points
X-Men Origins - Wolverine - 8.5 points
Watchman - 4 points
Public Enemy - 5 points
Pandorum - 7.5 points
Star Trek - 9 points
Hangover - 8 points
Mutant Chronicals - 6 points
Inglorious Bastards - 5 points
Street Fighter - Legend of Chun-Li - 7 points
Butterfly Effect - Revelation - 7 points
Defiance - 7.5 points
Angels & Demons - 7 points
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - 6.5 points
Anaconda 4 - 5 points
Fireflies in the Garden - 8 points
Harry Potter - The half blood prince - 6.5 points
District 9 - 9 points
G.I Joe - 8 points
Amelia - 7 points
2012 - 7 points
AVATAR - 6 points
Sherlock Holmes - 7 points


Quantum of Solice - 8.5 points
Scorpion King 2 - 6.5 points
Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon King - 8.5 points
Transporter 3 - 8 points
Wall-E - 5 points
10,000BC - 3 points
Journey to the center of the earth - 3 points
Bangkok Dangerous - 3 points
Anaconda 3 - 5 points
Austraila - 7 points
Gran Torino - 4 points
Get Smart - 6 points
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 5 points*
The Chronicles of Narnia / Prince Caspian - 9.5 points
Iron Man - 10 points
The Ruins - 6.5 points
Untraceable - 7.5 points
In the Name of the King - 8 points
Bank Job - 8 points
Doomsday - 6.5 points*
Jumper - 7.5 points
Rambo - 3 points
Cloverfield - 7 points
The Golden Compass - 6 points
Sweeney Todd - 8.5 points
American Gangster - 5.5 points
Unearthed - 5 points

UPDATE - Christmas Day 2007

I owe an apology to all my friends that follow my reviews. Because of business pressures I haven't been able to update this page for almost 18 months. Writing a full review will take me forever, so I have decided to simply list the movie and release date, along with it's rating for now.

My 2007 Movie Season

12/25 AVPR - 6.5 points
12/21 National Treasure - 7 points
12/14 I am Legend - 4 points
11/21 Hitman - 7 points
11/21 The Mist - 7 points
11/16 Beowulf - 6 points
11/16 Enchanted - 6 points
10/19 30 Days of Night - 8.5 points
10/12 Elizabeth-The Golden Age - 9 points
09/21 Resident Evil-Extinction - 8.5 points
09/28 The Kingdom - 8 points
09/28 Stardust - 8 points*
08/24 War - 3 points
08/03 Underdog - 7 points
08/08 Daddy Day Camp - 7 points
08/10 Rush Hour 3 - 3 points
08/17 The last Legion - 7.5 points
08/24 Mr. Bean's Holiday - 2 points
07/24 The Contract - 5 points
07/27 The Simpson's Movie - 3 points
07/11 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phonenix - 7.5 points
07/03 The Transformers - 9 points
06/08 Ocean's Thirteen - 5 points
06/15 Fantastic Four/ Rise of the Silver Surfer - 8.5 points
06/22 The Grindhouse / Planet Terror - 5 points
06/27 Live Free or Die Hard - 8.5 points
06/29 Ratatouille - 9 points
05/25 Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End - 6 points
05/18 Shrek the Third - 7 points
05/11 28 Weeks Later - 9 points
05/04 SpiderMan -3 - 7 points
04/20 Hot Fuzz - 8 points
04/13 Pathfinder - 7 points
03/30 Blades of Glory - 2 points
03/23 The last Minzy - 9 points
03/23 Shooter - 8 points
03/09 300 - 7 points
03/02 Wild Hogs - 7.5 points
03/02 Zodiac - 2 points
02/23 The Astronut Farmer - 4 points
02/16 Ghost Rider - 3 points
02/16 Breach - 3 points
02/09 Hannibal Rising - 7 points

My 2006 Movie Season

12/25 Children of Men - 7.5 points
12/22 Night at the Museum - 9 points
12/20 Rocky Balboa - 5 oints
12/20 Letters from Iwo Jima - 8 points
12/15 Eragon - 8 points
12/08 Apocalypto - 6 points
12/08 Blood Diamond - 6 points
12/01 The Nativity Story - 8 points
11/22 The Fountain - 3 points
11/17 Casino Royale - 8 points
11/03 Santa Clause 3 - 8 points
10/20 Flags of our Fathers - 6.5 points
10/17 Behind Enemy Lines II - 7 points
10/13 The Marine - 4 points
10/13 One Night with the King - 7 points
10/13 Man of the Year - 4 points
10/10 The Butterfly Effect 2 - 7.5 points
09/30 The Queen - 9 points
09/29 The Guardian - 7 points
09/27 The Last King of Scotland - 6 points
09/22 The FlyBoys - 8 points
09/08 The Covenant - 8 points
08/18 Snakes on a Plane - 8 points
08/09 World Trade Center - 5 points
07/28 Miami Vice - 4 poimts
07/21 Lady in the Water - 6.5 points
07/21 My Super X-Girlfriend - 7.5 points
07/07 Pirates of the caribbean / Dead Man's Chest - 4.5 points
06/16 Beowulf & Grendel - 7.5 points

Superman Returns- (06/28) 5 points- Boring... At least they could have made his cape flutter. It ripped off every Superman film made (including Lois & Clark). It might have been better if they didn't try to make him look like Christopher Reeve. In this case it's not an honor, it's an insult. I lost count of how many sceens in this movie just didn't make sense. Kevin Spacey was the only glimmer of sunshine, and is the only reason I gave it the rating I did. I hope this movie isn't an "omen" of things to come out of tinselland.

X-Men / Last Stand- 9.5 points- Finally a movie that didn't disappoint. Very well done, great action! Be sure to stay until the credits end completely, so you can catch the final 20 seconds of the film.

The Omen-3 points-Boy, they must have saved a ton of money on script work with this one. I've heard of remakes; but this takes the cake. What a rip-off.

The DiVinci Code-6.5 points- I shouldn't have read the book, but I did. The movie for me went nowhere. IT was very disjointed. Too long at some places and not long enough at others. Perhaps "Angels & Demons" will be better, especially if they were to do the right thing by casting a different lead actor.

United 93-8 points-The movie follows the 911 report very closly. I know, I read the report cover to cover three times. You don't really get the impact of what occured that morning until you see it played out on the big screen in almost real time. You walk away with thinking that there really was nothing anyone could have done that day that would have made any difference (no individual - no government). Thank heaven for pre-emptive action.

Poseiden-6 points- Ok, we all know the ships sinks. No matter how many disaster movies hollywood throws at us, we continue to like puzzles, because if you think about it, that's what movies like this really are. Everytime I fly, I look around the cabin and think..."if the plane were to crash, and I were stuck living on a "lost" island with these people..."

Mission Impossible 3 -2 points- Tom's lost it, and the title says it all - mission failed.

The Sentinel-7.5 points-The theme of the secret service agent (bodyguard) falling for the first lady has been done about a half different times. This movie at least stays on-par wilh the others. Michael Douglas is, well, ok ... still, and Kim Basinger is always a hottie

Basic Instinct 2 -4 points-I remember Sharon in hot! When she crossed her legs in that interview room, every male in the theather leaned forward. In this movie, you just smile and remember the good "old" days. If your over 60, I certain you will still be turned on. Maybe thats it!... I'm not 60!

Inside Man-5 points- Ah!, Danzel, Danzel... it's all about Danzel. Nothing new here.

V for Vandetta-9 points-I like movies that make well placed political and social statements. The ending has a certain twist I think you will like if you can look... beyond the mask.

Silent Hill-8 points - This movie will grip you and never let you go. It's very scary and not for young children. Like the movie, once you enter it's world, you can never leave.

Tristin and Isolde-8.5 points- In the tradition of Romeo and Juliet, this movie is beautifully done. Secret love, honor, loyality and a huge part of history are played out in a well performed role. The ending fills your heart and the soundtrac is worth a separate purchase.

Firewall-4.0 - I guess I was looking for a new twist on an old theme. I didn't find one. Even the end scene showdown in a secluded cabin has been done before. Very disappointing. Harrison needs to get a job, or at least better scripts. The only reason I gave the movie 4 points is because he is, after all, Harrison Ford, and worth at least a four. Additional points have to earned.

Underworld Evolution-8.5 - Now tell me, who can resist a good Vampire v. Werewolf movie? I know I can't! This is definately an upgrade from the old Bela Lagose' and Abbot and Costello meet the Werewolf movies. If you liked the first Underworld movie you'll enjoy this one equally as well. Great action, good story line, and then there's Kate. I'm bitten!

KING KONG- 7.5 points - This movie goes to show that Kong can still pack them in. The movie stuck to the original story line but did take some liberties in certain areas which seemed to work well. The movie lacks in better casting of most of the main characters and I thought it was a bit too campi at times. Three hours is a long time to put up with a weak cast. However - Kong himself, was, of course, prefectly cast!

The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - 10 points - A beautiful enchanting movie. Absolutely Surperb!! I can't say any more than that.

Aeon Flux- 7 points w/BF - Cloning has nothing on this movie. Many of the concepts were cloned from other great sci-fi movies of the past. I did enjoy the cool special affects and the almost anime filming. Other than that - if you've seen one clone movie .....

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-9 points - The best film since the first. I enjoyed all two and a half hours. It was creative, moved along well, had lots of special effects, and even held my attention. Great film... go see it!

Derailed- 6 points - The movie has been done lots of times before. You know it's a con from the very start, and although I found meyself emotionally drawn in on some scenes, I quickly came to my senses after I left the theater.

Jarhead-Minus 10 points - The liberal Hollywood elite just don"t get it - WE ARE AT WAR! I have never before seen a film that dipicted our troops in such a degrading manner. I have several friends that served in the Gulf War and I can assure you they did not disobey orders, talk back to superior officers, run around the desert naked, dance with phallic symbols on Christmas eve, act stupid all day, want to have sex with dead women, or had all their wives or girlfriends leave them, or send them home made porno films of themselves with the guy next door, or ... sorry, I'm too pissed to continue. The Gulf War vets should be up in arms over this one. The writers and producers forgot the honor that comes with being an American and what it means to defend the very freedom they abuse.

North Country- 8.5 points - Sometimes you just have to get away from all the action and sci-fi stuff that dominates the movie landscape these days and enjoy a good drama such as this movie. Even though watching this movie reminded me of a cross between "coal miners daughter" and every let's get the big corporation screwing the little folks movie out there, it does have a very, very, important message to tell. Based on a true story really helps. I highly suggest watching this one - without a doubt.

The Legend of Zorro- 8.5 points w/BF - It must be the swashbuckler in me that makes me attrcted to films like this. After all, if you read my bio, it was the Adventures of Robin Hood got me into this sport. The movie is no great shakes, but is fun to watch. The plot can use help at times but does have good action scenes. Like the first, it once again has a great score. Needless to mention, - I can look at Catherine all night.

Doom - 4 points - If you want to watch a really well done movie of this type, it's called Resident Evil 1 & 2. As far as this one is concerned - stay at home and play the game - you'll get more out of it.

Domino - 5 points w/BF - This movie is rated "R" for a very good reason. Talk about "blood and guts"!! Well anyway, if you don't like movies that are heavily narrated you won't like this one. I found the movie very "artsi" in a dumb and stupid sort of way. Lots of stars, but none to wish upon.

The Fog - 7 points - This movie proves the old addage that nothing beats the original. That being said, I must admit the movie was enjoyable to watch, and if you missed the first one (your under 25 years old) you would find this version quite entertaining - that is of course, once you realize you're not in Smallville anymore.

History of Violence- 4.5 points - The best part of this movie was the last three minutes. Now, tell me - doesn't that sum-up my feelings. Don't even rent it.

Serenity-8.5 points - Sometimes you have to wonder what TV moviegoers were thinking on "sweeps night". The series ran one season, and in my opinion is one of the most original series to come along in a long time. Ever since a friend introduced me to Firefly, I've been hooked. Serenity is the name of the spaceship. The full screen version picks up right where the series ended. The movie is very well done and I for one are very happy that it kept to the original cast. I can't wait to own it.

Flightplan-5.5 points - Sorry, no babe factor for our leading lady-she's starting to show her age. I quickly tired of hearing her yell - "where's my daughter" - "have you seen my daughter?". I understand that is what the movie is all about; but pleeeese... give us a break! Not even a rental.

Into the Blue-7.5 points w/BF - I'm glad they filmed this in crystal clear water so you can actually see something (unlike the "Cave").
I thought the movie moved along at a good pace. The only drawback is that all the action is rear loaded, so you have to go through over half the movie to get to the good parts. Johnny Depp, where are you when we need a good pirate?

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride- 6 points - Fun to watch, but that's about it. Johnny Depp should stick to being a pirate.

Exorcism of Emily Rose-5 points - I can appreciate the fact that it's based upon a true story; but still -I'm sorry, it just didn't turn my head.

Transporter 2- 8.5 points - car chases, fight scenes, more car chases in a car that can't be destroyed... who can ask for more? I can. Anyone who can do his own stunts, and do them so well, deserves to be the next James Bond. If you enjoyed the first Transporter, you'll like this one as well... and perhaps better.

Red Eye- 6 points - The premise of the movie has been done many times before; but the movie did move along nicely and was enjoyable to watch.

The Brothers Grimm- 3 points - This is a grimm movie alright. The only redeeming thing about this movie is the set design for the villages. Otherwise, it's even worse than War of the Worlds - if you can believe that! This movie is overhyped and just downright stupid. I and a friend almost walked out. Don't waste your time or money.

The Cave- 5.5 points - The fact that there are indeed people that do underwarter cave diving has always made parts of my body "squince". I'm not a tight places/ high danger type person. The movie was well done visually, the premise weak, acting fair, and the monsters - not plausable. A good rental.

The Great Raid- 8 points - Who can resist a good WW-2 movie, especially one that's a true story. Some acting sucked; but the movie pulls through. It's a time and a place in our history that is almost forgotten. I'm humbled when reminded of the sacrifices made by our POW's for our freedom.

Stealth- 7.5 points - Movie seemed disjointed. It couldn't make up it's mind if it were an action or a romance movie. Some of the plot was done before and done better.

The Island- 9 points - Excellent and creative plot. Good character development and a great car chase scene. A very enjoyable movie.

The Notebook- 10 points - Every now and then a movie comes along that reminds me of easier times and enduring love. This is such a great movie.

Fantastic 4- 8 points w/BF - although a bit slow with good character development, the movie was easy to watch and very entertaining. I think Fan4-2 would be better, now that we are introduced to the players.

War of the Worlds- 5 pts. - FX was great - The machines were real cool but the plot was not plausable, the ending stupid, and a zombie would have been a better choice than Tom. The little girl's acting performance gets 4 of the 5 points.

Land of the Dead- 7.5 pts. - A different twist for a zombie movie - they think and feel - so does that make them all bad?.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith- 8.5 pts. w/1-BF - Creative, witty and very enjoyable.
The strange thing is that I know of married couples that act in real life just like Brad an Angela in the movie. I wonder if they too have a secret life.

Batman Returns- 8.5 pts. - Good action and I loved the car! Although I must admit that out of uniform Bruce Wayne's "acting" was a bit wimpy.

Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.-9.5 pts. - May the force be with you - always!
Remember, I'm the one who saw the very first StarWars 57 times in the theather. Need I say more?

JOAD Weekly Achievement Level Scores

Congratulations to the following archers for attaining their next achievement level. To protect ine identity of the Jr. Athlete we will post only the first letter of their last name and their town.


Christina - Newton - Bowman - 131 points - 7/16
John - Walpole - Bowman - 141 points - 7/16
Chris - Roslindale - Bowman - 152 points - 7/15


Bill - Arlington - Bowman - 108 - 7/23
Frank - Oxford - Bowman - 124 points - 7/18
Mark - Walpole - Bowman - 145 points - 7/16
Hank - Norwood - Bowman - 103 points - 7/15

Coaching/Advanced Training

Welcome All...

If you're checking out this page you're either another coach investigating what we do, or, an archer who cares enough to take the next step in the sport. To the first I say - enjoy. To the second, I want you to know how honored I am to hopefully be working with you towards reaching your goals.

STOP HERE - If all you want is a quick lesson or two, go immediately to the bottom of this page and check out the rate schedule.

If however, you're interested in developing your skills as a competitive athlete - please read on...

Let me start by saying that it is indeed a fact that no one, in any sport, gets better without individual coaching.

Let me continue by sharing a part of my Personal Coaching Philosophy.

I believe strongly that the relationship between a student and their coach is based first and foremost upon trust. Trust not only in each others ability and level of commitment; but also in each others honesty and character.

We begin our training together with a clear understanding of what is to be accomplished. After reviewing your strengths and development areas using my Athlete Base Evaluation (A-BE) system , we will work together and outline a training schedule that will build upon those talents. I have no intention of replacing everything you have learned. I don't believe, as most coaches do, that an archer has to start over in order to improve. All that does is add years to the training process, costs a small fortune, and in over 95% of the time, yields very little improvement. A good coach enhances what you already know, and I'm a very good coach.

At this point I need to take a moment and say that I will not coach subject to the overview of another coach. I will however work in conjunction with an existing coach, provided that coach is willing to work with me. Also, I insist that, if you have an existing coach (JOAD etc.), that you be up front and inform that coach of your intention, or decision, PRIOR to starting a training program with me. It is unethical for a coach to work behind the back of another coach. Many other coaches engage in this practice - I WILL NOT DO IT!
I also consider this a breach of respect toward everyone involved, so be honest and be up front.

My training programs have always been based upon the efficient use of energy, balance through proper form, and mental training. That was how I was taught when I received my National Coach training almost 17 years ago, in a time before many call the "dumbing down" of coach certification.

Today, parts of that system has resurfaced as the much touted "B.E.S.T. Method". A term coined by the NAA, it stands for Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique. Nice acronym - I wish I thought of it. The Best Method is also mistakenly referred to as the "Korean System". As of 2010 the name was changed again to the National Training System. Don't be fooled - it's all the same thing.

In 2003, Mr. Park, owner of Win & Win archery, developer of the training system used today in Korea and much of Asia, and the most respected coach in the world, held his first Advanced Coaches Training Seminar in the U.S. right here at Archery USA.

Coaching is very personal. I believe that all coaching has to be "hands-on". If you want to send me a video tape of your current shooting form for information purposes, fine, I'll review it and comment on it; but know now that I cannot coach you long distance. Video is one-dimensional - you are not.

I know long distance coaching has become popular over the years but believe me, it's a waste of time and money. Hardly anyone ever improves without face time with their coach, and I don't mean traveling two or three times a year to the mid-west or California to see your coach for a weekend.
I mean at least once, preferably twice a month - real face time.

The archery ranges that promote these long distance coaches do a great injustice to their students. These archery ranges do so because they lack good in-house coaches and are seeking recognition that they should be earning themselves. They would fair much better by spending the necessary time and effort towards developing a properly trained, certified and experienced coaching staff.

Whatever changes I do suggest you make to your form will be discussed by us both, and my reasoning explained prior to implementing those changes. I don't coach by demanding blind obedience. You'll know why we do something before we do it. If it works - great! If not, we'll work together to find another way.

The mental training portion will be based largely upon relaxation and creative visualization, techniques of which I learned over thirty years ago in another field. These principles and techniques are very powerful, and are used in some form by every elite and professional athlete in every sport in the world today. I believe, it's not enough to enter a tournament with a positive outlook, you must enter a tournament in total belief that you have already won! This is the mind of a Champion!

You will be monitored on a regular basis. Although not as intense as my High Performance Trainng (HPT) program. Your training will not be easy, and I expect your best effort when training.

I consider a minimum level of coaching to consist of two periods per month. Each period will last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the skill being taught.

Training classes are always one-on-one and are scheduled before we open on Sunday morning or after we close on either Saturday or Sunday evening. Other times during morning hours on weekdays may be possible.

Should you have any questions or would like to set up an athlete evaluation, feel free to contact me directly.

Coaching Rates:

Introduction to Archery (For the very beginner) Full 90 minute lesson.... Only $90 single person / $125.00 per couple

Basic Lesson (60-90 min)
w/ staff............................. $80

Advanced Training w/Anthony only
Single session ....................$95
3 session pkg ....................$270
5 session pkg ................... $425

Elite Archers Members (youth & adult)**
Single session ....................$90
3 session pkg ....................$255
5 session pkg ................... $400

** To recieve special pricing, the student must be and remain enrolled in our JOAD/SAT program during all scheduled lessons.

Current Positions Available

BayState Archery has immediate openings for the following part time positions in it's new Norwood store.

In gerneral, interested individuals (M or F) must be at least 18 years old, own their own car, a non-smoker, speak english, and be available to work flexable hours and weekends.

- Counter & Shop help
- Birthday Party Instructors
- Certified Instructors for JOAD and Adult classes

- There is also an opening for a special individual for our Recreation Department Outreach Program as we are expanding our service routes.

A more in depth discription of each position can be found in the events section of the cover page.

Anyone interested may please forward a resume to Be sure to state it's a" resume" or you will be deleted as spam.

Thank you

■ Notice

Please Read Carefully

1. ArcheryUSA reserves the right to refuse or discontinue range access or privileges to any person or group who we feel presents a safely hazard to themselves, other persons and/or the facility. Such determination will be at the sole discretion of the management, range officer, or instructor in charge.

2. Persons whom we deem to be alcohol or drug impaired will be denied access.

3. Reckless behavior, anyone exhibiting anger issues, unsafe shooting technique and equipment will not be permitted to continue shooting.

4. Upon use of the range, the/each archer, including participants within a planned group activity (ie. birthday party, scout troop etc.), and/or the parent or guardian acknowledges and freely accepts the risk of bodily injury, including paralysis, dismemberment and death, and therefore agrees to hold harmless and agrees no to sue ArcheryUSA Inc., its officers, directors, stockholders, coaches, agents, and or employees with respect to any aforementioned injury, loss or damage, except that which is a result of gross negligence and/or willful misconduct.

5. All pricing is subject to change without notice.

6. Any person intentionally or unintentionally damaging the store’s sprinkler system shall be assessed a fee of not less than $3,000 – payable immediately.

7. The wording - Archery USA, Elite Archers and Team Elite are registered trademarks of Archery USA inc. since 1993. Additional trademarks exist.

- Important Notes

Important Notes about Team Elite Membership:

1. Parents must also agree to support their son or daughter’s commitment to the team and the sport.

2. The Team will, on many occasions, travel to local tournaments in neighboring states. Although not required to do so, it is advisable all team members attend as many of these tournaments as possible. Learning to compete at other locations helps one overcome tournament pressure and enhances personal confidence and overall skill. Many times car-pooling can be coordinated through the team manager or other parents attending the shoot. Applications for these tournaments are generally available at the store counter.

3. In order to be reimbursed for shooting fees, team members must do both of the following:

a. First pay the entry fee to the event organizer and then present their completed scorecard to their coach after the event.

b. Certify to the coach that they did indeed shoot the entire event wearing their team apparel.

- Responsibilities

Team Elite Minimum Responsibilities:

NOTE: Effective as of Jan. 2002, updated Sept. 2005, & subject to change without notice

1. New members start by making a one-year exclusive commitment to the JOAD program. (The team year starts October 1st and ends Septrember 30th the following year) Thereafter, each member must not miss more than two training sessions per year, exclusive of the summer months. Special exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for those members living out of state or having an unusually long drive time, or other circumstances.

2. Team members must maintain membership in the National Archery Association of the United States (NAA).

3. Required to enter at least two state sanctioned shoots a year, with at least one being sponsored by AUSA.

4. Members are required to keep team clothing, including those purchased directly, in clean appearance at all times, and to wear Team shirts to all classes, tournaments, demonstrations, and team functions (except Team Night).

5. Members are required to keep current their entries into the Team Practice Log after ALL practices.

6. Youth members must maintain a "C" average (or equivalent) in each school subject on every report card issued throughout the school year. Your parent will monitor this. An adverse report to the team coach or manager, and/or a request from your parent may result in temporary removal from the team and loss of team benefits.

7. Adhere to the Athlete Code of Conduct.

8. Maintain an average score, as monitored by the team manager or head coach, equal to +/- 10% of your current rank in both practice events and tournaments. Exceptions will be made for athletes with or recovering from injuries.

9. Be part of the Team-E Mentor Program and share your knowledge with others on the Junior Team.

10. Assist Coaches/ Instructors, if called upon during regular training sessions, and also the Team Manager as needed.

11. Attend 3 of 4 Team-E meetings each month, and assist as needed in club sponsored fund raising activities and tournaments.


Starting October 2007 every Thursday evening from 6:30 to 8:30pm is designated "Team Night". The First and Third Thursday's shall consist of individual form training and scoring. The second and forth Thursday's shall be dedicated to "member practice" - an opportunity for team members to practice their skills on their own and at no cost.

Please Note: Since the range is always open for public use (including walk-ins), team members do not have exclusive use of the range during designated team nights. ArcheryUSA will make every effort possible to not book parties during team time.

- Benefits

Team Elite Benefits

The following are contigent upon qualifying (or requalify) to the team.
Qualifying in different disciplines (ex. recurve & compound) does not double the benefits. All benefits outlined below are considered a privilege of individual achievement and effort, and not an entitlement of team membership. They can therefore be upgraded, changed or removed, at the sole discretion of management without notice.


* Official team photo of the starting team each October for those members that qualify or requalify.

* Each member will receive one team shirt (up to a $25 value) for the duration they are on the team (including requalification terms), except when team shirts are changed mid-year for the entire team by the team owner. Team jackets and extra shirts are available at cost.

* AUSA will reimburse entry fees ($15 maximum per event) in the form of a store credit for up to three MA state ranking tournaments for each youth member. One event must be our Bay State Indoor Open Championship.

* AUSA will reimburse entry fees ($15 maximum per event) in the form of a store credit for up to two MA state ranking tournaments for each adult member.

* Members receive reduced rates for advanced training, video coaching, instructor certification, etc.

* No range fees for practice time on a designated "Team Night".

* Upon qualifying, the standard rate for JOAD / SAT program classes will be reduced $5.00 per session (exclusive of summer JOAD sessions).

- At Olympian rank, JOAD fees for official training sessions are free for the first year (exclusive of summer JOAD sessions), then reduced $10 per-session thereafter. The same shall apply to the Grand Master Archer rank in the adult program.

Olympian and Grand Master Archer ranks also qualify the athlete to be a member of the Team Elite Advisory Committee.

- At Silver Olympian rank, official training sessions (JOAD ONLY) are at no charge (exclusive of summer JOAD sessions).

- At Gold Olympian rank, the athlete (JOAD ONLY) will receive a one-year Master Membership to AUSA

* Pride of being part of one of the most successful archery shooting teams in the Northeast.

Special Note: Olympians and Grand Master Archer’s transferring in must pay the reduced standard rate for two sessions before other benefits apply.

- Qualifying Scores

About Qualifying Scores for the JOAD Division:

Recurve - An archer twice reaches or exceeds the rank of Master Archer (250pts on a 60cm face, or 240 points on a 40cm face).

Compound Fingers - An archer twice reaches or exceeds the rank of Master Archer. (250pts on a 40cm face) Note: archers will compete against competitors shooting with release aids.

Compound Release - An archer twice reaches or exceeds the rank of Expert Archer. (270pts on a 40cm face)

Special Note

There are no official Barebow or Traditional divisions within the JOAD program, however, for purposes of our team, we will recognize the following qualification scores:

Traditional Longbow / Modern Longbow (wood arrows)- An archer twice obtains a score of 200 points on a 40 cm face or 230 points on a 60cm face.

Traditional Recurve (wood arrows)- An archer twice obtains a score of 220 points on a 40cm face, or 250points on a 60cm face.

Recurve Barebow (any type arrow - no sight or stabalizer) - An archer twice obtains a score of 235 on a 40cm face, or 260 on a 60cm face.

ADULT Division (SAT):

Recurve - An archer twice reaches Archer (250 points on a 40cm. NAA target face).

Compound Release - An archer twice reaches Grand Archer (280 points on a 40cm. NAA target face w/ inner 10 ring scoring).

Recurve Barebow – An archer twice shoots 235 points on a 40cmm NAA target face.

Traditional Recurve (wood arrows) – An archer twice shoots 220 points on a 4ocm NAA target face

- How to Qualify

To qualify for Team Elite you:

1. Must be a member of the Elite Archers JOAD program for at least the three months prior to your qualifying score.

Special exceptions may be possible with Team- E member board approval for JOAD members transferring in from other JOAD clubs.

2. Must shoot a qualifying score(s).**

3. Athletes and their parents must sign a Team-E Agreement and Athlete Code of Conduct.

Special Note: Athletes coached by independent outside private coaches are prohibited from team membership.

ADULT Division – NAA Senior Archery Training (SAT) Program:

1. Adults must shoot a qualifying score.**

2. Athletes must sign a Team-E Agreement and Athlete Code of Conduct.


1. Athletes coached by independent outside private coaches are prohibited from team membership.

2. Members of a college archery club or team are prohibited from team membership.


Joad and Adult members must re-qualify each year for membership to the team. In order to re-qualify, current members below the rank of Olympian or Grand Master Archer, must shoot their original qualifying score, and do so at least one time during the month of September with the following exceptions:

1. Those ranked JOAD Olympian and above, must shoot a score of at least 270 points during that same timeperiod.

2. Adults ranked Grand Master Archer must shoot a score of 270 for recurve and 280 for compound during that same timeperiod.

■ Team Elite

Team Elite is a highly competitive archery shooting team consisting of NAA Members of ArcheryUSA’s Elite Archers J.O.A.D. program and it’s NAA Senior Archery Training Program that both qualify and choose to be a part of the team representing ArcheryUSA.


Team Elite is the competitive shooting team representing ArcheryUSA at tournaments. Members of this team must re-qualify each year in the month of September by re-shooting their minimum score and commit themselves to the team and the company for the following year. Members are individual archers and not employees of ArcheryUSA.

- Important Notes

Important Notes about Jr. Team Elite Membership:

Since the Sr. Team is a highly competitive team, we encourage Jr. Team members and their parents to use this program as an opportunity to evaluate weather or not advancement to the senior team, once the qualifying scores are attained, is something truly desired. Advancement to the senior team is not mandatory – it is a personal choice having greater responsibilities.

- The achievement patch tournaments conducted each week as part of the regular training session not only challenges one’s individual goals, but also gives an archer an opportunity to experience the spirit of competition.

- Although we recognize that not every archer has a desire to be competitive, Jr. Team-E member are encouraged to participate in as many tournaments as possible, both indoor and outdoor, in state and out of state

- Learning to compete, and to compete at other locations, helps one overcome tournament pressure, enhances personal confidence and overall skill. Many times car-pooling can be coordinated through the Sr. Team Manager, Team Coaches, or other parents attending a shoot. Applications for these tournaments are generally available at the store counter.

- Responsibilities

Jr. Team Elite Responsibilities:

Team members must maintain membership in the National Archery Association of the United States (NAA).

Members are required to keep team clothing in clean appearance at all times, and to wear Team shirts to all practices, tournaments, demonstrations, and team functions.

Youth members must maintain a "C" average (or equivalent) in each school subject on every report card issued throughout the school year. Your parent will monitor this. An adverse report to the team coach, and/or a request from your parent may result in temporary removal from the team and loss of team benefits.

Maintain an average score, monitored by the team manager or head coach, of +/- 10% of your current rank in all practice events and tournaments. Exception will be made for athletes recovering from injuries.

Adhere to the Athlete Code of Conduct, attend Jr. Team-E meetings, and participate in fund raising activities.

- Benefits

Jr. Team Elite Benefits:

AUSA will issue a store credit equal to half the entry fee to any indoor MA state ranking tournaments of choice.

Members receive reduced rates for advanced training, video coaching, instructor certification, etc.

No range fees for practice time on any designated "Junior Team Night".

Receive additional training as part of the “Team- E Mentor Program” conducted by members of the senior team.

Pride of being part of one of the most successful archery shooting teams in the Northeast.

- Qualifying Scores

About Qualifying Scores for the Jr. Team Elite Division:

Recurve Division: An archer twice reaches or exceeds the rank of Archer. (200pts on a 60cm face or 190 on a 40cm)

Compound Division: An archer twice reaches or exceeds the rank of Archer (200pts on a 40cm face only)

- How to Qualify

To qualify for the Jr. Team Elite you:

1. Must be a member of the Elite Archers JOAD program for at least one 6-week session prior to your qualifying score. Special exceptions may be made possible for JOAD members transferring in from other JOAD clubs.

2. Must shoot a qualifying score(s).

3. Must sign an Athlete Code of Conduct.

■ Jr. Team Elite

Jr.Team Elite recognizes all current ArcheryUSA’s Elite Archers J.O.A.D. members that have attained the rank of Jr. Archer (150 points) for Recurve or Archer (200 points) for Compound Release.


Jr.Team Elite is a program designed for archers under the age of 19 that have met the minimum score qualifications as outlined. This is a great way to experience the world of competitive archery and to evaulate a possible future commitment to join the Senior Team.

■ JOAD & ADULT Schedule, Fees, and Application Form

Jr. Olympic (JOAD) and Adult Archery Development Programs

NEXT SESSIONS START- SEE THE EVENTS SECTION OF THIS SITE(some sessions start the last week of the prior month).

BayState Archery Training Center (2014 Fall and Winter Schedule)

Friday: 5:30 to 7pm and 7 to 8:30pm
Saturday: 9 to 10:30am OR 11am to 12:30pm

Choose the one training timeperiod that is right for you. Other training times will be added as needed. As an example, if you are more interested in perhaps a weekday morning program, please contact us and let us know. When we have at least 10 registered, we will open those class times.

Each monthly program includes equipment (if needed), coaching, and awards.

Our tuition is very reasonable. Tuition is only $90 if there is 4 weekends in a month. A 5 weekend month is only $115. Registration starts two weeks prior to the start of class. If joining other than the 1st weekend of the month, the tuition is $25 for each remaining week.

To help keep our costs down, we would prefer payment in cash or check; but we do accept Visa and Mastercard.


1. Payment in full is required upon registration.

2. A Missed class may be made up by taking an additional class within that month or by shooting free during open range hours.

3. Missed classes cannot be credited towards the next months class.

Special discounted rates apply when qualified to join our shooting team -"Team Elite" and for those with "Olympian" ranks.

You can also recieve a one time $10 tuition reduction by sponsoring a friend into the program. As a matter of fact, we'll even give your friend that same one time reduction for joining along with you!

So share your archery experience with a friend and save even more!!
(this offer does not apply to previous members re-enrolling; or members of your immediate family since they already recieve a discount).

Training always begins with the basics of archery, proper shooting form, and tournaments. Archers progress at their own pace towards "Olympian" or "Grand Master Bowman" status.

The Elite Archers is the oldest and largest JOAD Program in the state, it is designed by the National Archery Association to advance the sport of youth archery.

>> Application for the JOAD program: clickHERE

>> Application for the NAA Senior Archery Training Program (must be 20-years of age: clickHERE


About the JOAD program:

The Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) and the Senior Archery training (SAT) Programs are developed by the National Archery Association/USA Archery to foster interest and abilities of all age levels in this, the oldest of Olympic Sports, and to advance the sport of archery throughout the country first as a national pastime, with the ultimate goal of producing Olympic and world Champions.

Elite Archers JOAD at BayState Archery, began with our prior company, Archery USA, in 1990. It remains the oldest and largest program in Massachusetts, and one of the largest in the United States.

Training programs are open to everyone ages 8 through adult, and begins with the basics of archer, proper shooting form, and weekly achievement tournaments. Classes are monthly. Each class is 90-minutes and renews each month to become an ongoing training program.

Archer’s progress at their own pace. Each archer advances through 10-levels of achievement towards “Gold Olympian” or “Grand Master Archer” status. Classes are limited to 24 students each, with a 15-student minimum.

All Instructors and Coaches are NAA/USAA certified Level 2 or higher. The club is under the direction of Anthony Bellettini - USAA Level 4 National Coach and owner of BayState Archery.

See the Elite Archers link for information on Class Schedules and fees.

Registration is ongoing. Call 978-440-8881 for Sudbury clases, or 781-320-3606 for Dedham classes.

Birthday Party & Group Rates

Birthday Parties and Group Rate Specials.

Special rates also apply to all Scouting, After School Programs, Home School Organizations, and Company Outings.

Our special rate is only $15 per archer, with a 10 archer minimum, and a 15 archer maximum.

The program is under the direction of a certified archery instructor and lasts 90-minutes. The program includes a safety lecture, shooting demonstrations, and of course, bows, arrows, protective gear and any prizes they might win, at no charge.

At least a two-week notice is suggested for weekend parties.

For obvious safety reasons-children under 8-years of age and those with “special needs” are permitted with 100% parental supervision ONLY.

New as of April 1, 2009 ..
Party organizers should be advised that if any child exhibits anger issues during play, they will be asked to sit out, even if the parent is with them.

Scheduled Party Times are:

Weekends -

Saturday at 1:30 to 3pm, 3 to 4:30pm, or 4:30 to 6pm

Sunday at 11:30am to 1pm (for larger parties before we open), or 4:30 to 6pm.

Other "possible times" with sufficient notice include Friday 3:30 to 5pm, or weekdays early evening from 6 to 7:30pm (or 6:30 to 8pm).

Party times are always based upon availability / first come - first serve.

No deposit is required to reserve a time. We hold everyone to their honor.

To check on availability - please take the time and place a call to our store (781-352-0643) and speak to customer service during store hours. We do not advise sending an email inquiry, since the email goes to a different location and it may take a few days to recieve an answer. The fastest and most efficient way to book a party time is to call. Besides, it's always better to speak to a real person.

Scout leaders are requested to organize and collect fees from each scout.

BayState Archery reserves the right to cancel a party in progress, if, in our sole discretion, anyone in the party poses a risk to themselves or others or exhibits anger issues during play. (see 1 and 3 under the NOTICE link below).

Tipping the instructor is not neccessary, but always appreciated.

■ Family Day!

Every Sunday is “Family Day” – Save up to 35%.

In keeping with the tradition estabalished since 1995 by our previous training center, ArcheryUSA, the New BayState Archery Center has set aside Sunday as a special day to promote archery as a family sport by offering a substantial discount on range fees. Over the years, many thousands of families have joined in this sport and now share in this unique experience.

Each Sunday- the immediate members (only) of each family (a minimum of 2) can shoot for only $12.50 each including equipment if needed at no charge. There is a 1-hour minimum per person. No half-hour rates.

Outside family members and friends always pay the standard rate.

BIG BROTHERS AND BIG SISTERS on an outing are considered family, and for them, this rate is honored at all times.

■ Training Programs

The Elite Archers Jr. Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Program and NAA Adult Training Classes

Our Elite Archers "JOAD" - Junior Olympic Archery Developement program (up to 20 years of age) is the oldest and most successfull archery youth training program in the state, and has the honor of being one of the largest programs of it's kind in the United States.

The Elite Archers "SAT" - Senior Archery Training program is similar to our youth program except for adults ages 19 and older. It was designed exclusively for the NAA by the owner of BayState Archery for use on a national basis as an adjunct to their existing JOAD program, It has it's own series of of achievement goals. badges ... and challanges.

We operate both under sanction of the National Archery Association /USA Archery- the national governing body (NGB)of the sport, and a member of the U.S. OLympic Committee.

The NAA's goal is to advance the sport of archery through programs like these, in the hopes of developing National, World, and Olympic champions.

In addition to hosting classes, our nationally acclaimed outreach program brings archery to over 15 townships in Massachusetts. Each year our in-house and outreach programs reach over 5,000 kids, adults, and families!

All trainng programs are conducted by NAA Certified Archery Instructors and Coaches and are under the guidence of Anthony Bellettini, an NAA Level 4 National & U.S. Regional High Performance Coach, and the owner of BayState Archery.,

--- See the schedule and fees section (above right) for additional information.

2015 Bay State Elite Indoor Open

2015 Bay State Elite Indoor Open Archery Championship

October 16th to 18th 2015

Formally just the Bay State Indoor Open, this new event will now be held every other year at BayState Archery Center in Norwood, MA

Call 781-352-0643 or message at to request an emailed tournament application to this event.

Note: The name of this event, as well as it's former name are trademarks of Delicious Bow and Arrows LLC. All rights reserved.


Our Norwood location

55 Providence Highway
Norwood, Massachusetts 02062
Telephone: (781) 352-0643

email us at:

Store Hours


Monday and Tuesdays - Closed (open for Advanced Training Class Only)
Wednesday through Friday - 3;30-ish to 9pm*
Saturday and Sunday - 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm*
Major Holidays - Closed

* LAST CALL - All shooting will cease around 8:45 weekdays, and 5:45 weekends (15 minutes before close). Be sure to plan accordinaly in order to get in an hours worth of shooting. Always check with us on line for earlier closings due to severe weather.

Store hours are for both the Pro-shop and the public shooting range. However --- the range is reserved on Friday nights after 5pm through to the completion or our Jr. Olympic and adult training classes.


The BayStateArcheryCenter Pro Shop provides a variety of products and services for the experienced and novice target archer and hunter alike.

■ We specialize in recurve bows for the beginner to the Olympic hopeful, stabalizer systems, arrows, bow stands, bow cases, points, targets, custon bow strings, and all kinds the other great "stuff".

■ We also perform bow tuning and maintenance.

Call (781) 352-0643 for the Pro Shop.

Our BayState Archery Pro Shop

Range Rates

Every Sunday is Family Day! In order to promote archery as a family sport, two or more members of the same family can shoot at a discounted rate of only $12.50 per hour per person, including equipment (a savings of up to 35%!). Sorry, NO half hour rates.

Also, be sure to ask for a Family Day punch card and get one free visit (for up to 3 family members) after every five visits!

Family Day can be quite busy, so we thank you in advance for your patience.

Every Wednesday is "Cheap Date Night"
Bring a date with you on Wednesday nights and both can shoot for 90 minutes for only $25 - a 50% savings! The only catch is that someone has to sign in as the "cheap date".

Our Standard Rates:
With free use of our equipment
- $20.00 per person for the first hour
- $5.00 per person for each additional half-hour
- All Day Pass .....$45.00 per person

With your own equipment
- Only $15.00 per person for the first hour
- Only $5.00 per person for each additional half-hour.
- All Day Pass .....$35.00

Equipment Includes:
-(Recurve Bow, Arrows, and Armguard – Target Faces Extra)

Elite Archers J.O.A.D and Senior Training Members...Special Flat Rate:
- Only $10.00/hr (NO HALF HOUR RATES)


Ask for our new Frequent Shooter Card and receive two free hours for every 6 visits (1 hr. min/ visit). Certain restrictions apply.

- Gold Card Membership Program
Each Gold Card member recieves unlimited shooting during open hours for a year, and offers a substantial savings over the monthly pass if your intention is to do a lot of practice. Certain restrictions apply.

- Join our Jr. Olympic (JOAD - under 18) or our Senior Archery (over 18) Development and Training programs and save each and every time you practice as a benefit of enrollment, while learning the sport at the same time.

The New BayState Archery Center Range/ Directions

Archery Range in Norwood

In General: We are located at the rear of the ROJO Office Park located behind the huge ROJO/IRVING Gas Station on Rt#1. at 55 Boston Providence Turnpike.

FROM ROUTE 128- North or South

Take Exit 15B (Rt.#1-S), travel 1 mile South to the intersection of Rt#1 and University Ave. and Everett St. (1st stop light). Turn right at the McDonalds onto Everett Street. Entry to the ROJO Office Park will be on the left, just past the Vavolene Service Center (look for the solid white fence). The BayState Archery Center will be on the right at the bottom of the hill.

Alternate Entry: go through the intersection at University Ave and turn right into the ROJO/IRVING Gas Station just past the Burger King. Continue past the car wash on the left to the rear of the park. The center will be directly in front of you.


Turn Left at University Ave. and follow standard directions above or make a U-Turn and follow the Alternate Entry route above.


BayState Archery has a new home at:
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BayStateArchery, New England's Newest Premier Archery Pro Shop and Training Center opened Saturday June 15th. Our prior center, ArcheryUSA, has been seen on UPN Channel 38 Morning Show, Channel 5's Chronicle, FOX -TV, The Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, NECN "styleboston" and of course -UTUBE.

Please Note: This is the temporary site of Baystate Archery until the BSA site completes its construction.

Unlike all other archery stores that cater to bowhunting, BayState Archery specializes in promoting target archery as an Olympic sport. Our training center is among the best in the United States.

BayState Archery is open to the public. No membership is required. We offer instruction to children through our Jr. Olympic Archery Developement (JOAD) program as well as training for adults, especially women in the sport, and we strongly encourage family participation.

Many of our students have been selected for U. S. and World Teams, are, or have been, on the United States Archery Team (USAT), U.S. Junior Dream Team, or have started archery clubs at such colleges and universities as Wellesley College, Brandeis, and University of Massachusetts at Amhurst.

Norwood Regional Training Center - Directions and Hours
55 Boston Providence Turnpike
Norwood, Massachusetts 02062
Telephone: (781) 352-0643

email us at:


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